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Old 29-04-2012
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Default Ledbury

Awesome I will be able to attend the reserve date and wont miss a round
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Old 29-04-2012
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Originally Posted by Ritchie T View Post
I was the dude with the white cougar. Track was a good layout i thought and the car came off almost dry inside. Puddles on the straighr were easily avoided as the were all on the outside.
I thought cats didn't like water!! LOL

Track was nice mixture with some technical and flowing sections. You had to get one right for the next. Remember the layout for the next time track layout people.
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Old 24-05-2012
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Originally Posted by matdodd View Post
I'm glad I didn't camp there last night if the field was dry yesterday.
It must of been torrential rain this morning before we got there to put the field next to the track under a few feet of water!
I did camp at Ledbury, to be fair it was cool & breezy most of the Saturday with the odd shower - the way down the M5 was a little wet but nothing more than vehicle spray, but when we got to the track it was fairly dry. Really the rain & wind started at about 11pm just as i turned in for the night & didn't let up. The brook at the side of the track was empty apart from the odd pool & puddle along the bottom, at 5am i was woken by the wind crashing on the polytunnels in the field & the fact i was freezing cold, stuck my head out of the tent & the brook was pretty much ready to come over the top of the bank & it was as though the river had been directed through it.

The track itself was pretty much ready to go on the Saturday & just needed a brushing to get the dead leaves & seed pods off it, which the Powney team did along with some emergency mole hunting when the astro was lifted to put the timing loop in at teatime.
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