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Old 09-04-2011
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After speaking to Al the trial for tyres will report what 2 diffrent tyres do from brand new to fubared, this is in no way to find a tyre better than full spikes (which you will not)but to find a tyre if so that you can run from new without the running in fun and if it lasts 3/4 weeks then that not far of full spikes life.
As far as the club going under can't see that myself with still 8 heats it's as big as it ever been Al and the team do a great job but the club is typical England loads of whinging and no action answer is if you want it done/changed, speak up, come up (idea) and do .thats simples!
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Old 10-07-2012
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hello people its adam cottrell im a new member of forcc and i been reading through this thred and i think as for the seting up and putting away of the track could we not do one week heat 1 set up or put away ect so then everyone has to do there bit of helping out its just a thought im up for helping setting up and putting away anyway aint that what a clubs all about
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Old 11-07-2012
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Personally I think heat 1 should always put the gear away, poor old top heat which are knackerd after running about like blue arsed flies marshalling the first heat (who then sloath about marshalling heat 2) have to put the gear away as well.
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