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Old 29-10-2007
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Originally Posted by ashleyb4 View Post
it all started since paul rotherum editited one of my posts as a said f*ck and he sais i was avery bad boy as i swore. so i decided to put it in my sig lol.
I dont like it much any mroe though.

Translation anyone?
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Old 16-11-2007
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Default academy sbv2 4wd

Hey guys all the 4wd cars listed are winners ,but you guys have left one out the MRC Academy sbv2 4wd car is very racey and durable car it is by far the most versitile of all in the 4wd scene right now hands down and box stock it is a winner and I have proved that and I know a lot of others that have proved it as well.The SBV2 ACADEMY is a pro level car at at very cheap price ,to me it was built with 8th scale in mind it is very beefy,well designed and constructed
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