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Old 15-01-2009
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Default 2K setup

I have a cat 2000 that i race at york, now i have replaced the oneway layshaft pulley with a fixed one to give locked up 4wd. But the think understeers like a shopping trolley on the polished spoorts hall floor and then snaps to oversteer as soon as i apply power, Is this because of the fixed pulley or is it because my set up is just cack?
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Old 15-01-2009
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Can't help on the setup I'm afraid, but where did you get the one way pulley and things from ?

Interested as I'm rebuilding a Cat 2000 at the moment and the parts I have don't seem to correspond to the manual !
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Old 15-01-2009
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Default very old setup


i drove that car ( 2000 & EC whenit was new...

use the old grey schuey springs front and rear ( EC ) or the yellow ones ( 2000 )
-back; 4 holes 40wt
-front; 3 holes 40wt
camber links should have the same length f & r, on the inside they should be somwhere in a middle hole, same height f & r
under the front camber links on the outside,you but an M3 Nut under the link to raise it, you will need an other cup there ( Kyosho ones work good)
on the wishbones, use the outer hole, on top, the front shocks should be more laydown then the rear ones

greetings from switzerland

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Old 15-01-2009
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It will understeer on polished floor with the fixed front diff, as there's no diff action. i'd just run a normal diff or something, then you could mess around with it, tightening it up of loosening it off to get the right feel.
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