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Old 21-01-2013
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You lot are so funny.
Some facts maybe you should all be aware of.

Mike is a well respected organiser of events in our sport yet you are shooting him down!!

BBK are distributors of the product yet you are making it out that they are governing everything.

Lastly, you will all have to live with the change sooner or later and that's a fact.

My advise if anyone cares is set a date ahead and pre-warn everyone this is when the change will happen - this way everyone is prepared rather than thrown on them.
I will be shocked to hear someone has given up because of this....in fact it just won't happen.
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Old 21-01-2013
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A motorolla 8800 makes calls and not much else. An iphone makes calls, goes on the net, has 3g, has apps etc.

An AMB pt counts laps. A MRT pt counts laps. If the amb pt's could do more then it would have been a comparable comparrison.

Ok so im splitting hairs, but i couldnt resist making a reply

I am now in the process of trading in one of my MRT pt's for a Harry pt. I get the feeling there is a political undertow, which from the Chinese whispers i hear has made me make the decision to upgrade to teh AMB .
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Old 21-01-2013
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I agree with you but there are improvements to the system and lets face it, why on earth would you build a system for others to explore and make money from.
I know the majority wouldn't.
AMD/MyLaps are the best at it and the techology is also improving - why not move with the times.

I do believe they said its more accurate and can split times even more better than before

All drivers, sponsored or not have the same problem.
Set the date ahead so everyone knows what to do and when - simples!!
Old 21-01-2013
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Lets not get to excited about the minimal changes, the new firmware is here to stop mrt making money from a system they did not spend time and money developing, end of. Not saying i have anything against that, they are protecting their investment, but the losers are those with mrt pt's and the clubs being pushed to upgrade.

If nobody upgraded to the new firware (or were forced to if they have only just brought a rc3 box), and nobody brought the Purcy transponders, everyones laps would still get counted....

I am really torn on this one, I hate the fact that people with mrt's will need to upgrade or buy new, but if i were mylaps, would i do the same?
Old 21-01-2013
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err... Exactly where was there any "shooting" - I'm sure I was merely asking for verification, wondering about his own personal bias affecting the results and indeed trying to 'help' by suggesting that he also maybe could or should contact MRT...

Where's the problem with that..? And to be honest, I think you and other sponsored drivers are so far removed from the kind of folk I'm talking about, I really can't see how you can state what you did as a "fact", its SIMPLY totally an unknown... you cannot say it won't happen as its out of your own sphere of control...

Sheesh some of you really think you know everything don't you and I do love the way the 'established' pecking order appear to stick together when someone comes up and questions this apparent status quo....

Sorry but I still think we (as the club shrccc) should talk about this soon, and then we can decide...
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Old 21-01-2013
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AND.... I think we'll end it there

Great debate and I'm sure this will rumble on at many BRCA areas, meetings and clubs in 2013 and onwards.

I think as far as SHRCCC is concerned, at present we'll stay RC3 so MRT WILL WORK but in time, based on current info, I would advise a Harry purchase to future proof your RC Kit.

Club offer on Harry's elsewhere on oople.

Thread locked.
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