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Old 10-06-2012
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Results from todays racing:

2WD B Final;
1st Ben Chester
2nd Thomas Watkins
3rd Scott Fitzgerald
4th Simon Miller
5th Ken Harvey
6th Kieth Provost
7th Paul Lee
8th Barry Fitzgerald
9th Darren Brady
10th Nic Donovan
11th Craig Fisher

2WD A Final;
1st Jon Brown
2nd Danny Conway
3rd David Evans
4th Simon Watson
5th Tony Price
6th Mark Everitt
7th Mick Spindley
8th Lee Flynn
9th Daniel Usher
10th George Miller

4WD C Final;
1st Jayson Roper
2nd Darren Brady
3rd Leslie Woods
4th Graham Heron
5th Tony Archer

4WD B Final;
1st Carl Dufton
2nd Mark Woods
3rd Lee Flynn
4th Mick Spindley
5th David Brazington
6th Ben Spindley
7th Justin Wellbelove
8th Nic Donovan
9th Paul Lee

4WD A Final;
1st John Myall
2nd George Fairweather
3rd Barry Abbott
4th Ben Hubbard
5th Mark Lambert
6th Ben Chester
7th Luke Allen
8th Colin Parsfield
9th Simon Miller
10th James Wright

Short Course;
1st George Fairweather
2nd Lee Hedges
3rd Craig Fisher
4th Tony Price
5th Danny Conway
6th Jayson Roper
7th Robert Bakker
8th Ken Harvey
9th Wayne Pratley
10th Lewis Cocksedge
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