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Old 12-07-2017
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Default different radio giving different steering travel??

ok so Im a little confused, is this the norm, or not unheard of, or am I just stupid LOL

my 2wd buggy was set up with futaba 3vc, has orion servo

I subtrimmed the servo to get horn upright, then using left and right endpoints I had it just touching the steering stops, 108% left and 109% right, was happy with that

I changed to futaba 3VCS as the 3VC had throttle pot issues and I had owned it from about 2000?

now the problems started

steering erm,, what steering

radio set to 120% left and right, but still wont reach the stops

I have done even more physical tweaks to the servo mounting position etc to gain bit by bit more, but still not enough there

Im now about to start making my own servo horn and modify things to get the slightly longer horn in there.

but is it normal that different make/model radio sets give different amounts of travel on steering etc?
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Old 12-07-2017
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I don't know if the 3VCS is in any way similar to my KO Esprit, but there's various adjustments that can affect the steering.

On the KO for example, there's the EPA adjustment, there's also Steering Balance which can be set individually side to side, and there's also an adjustment pot on the top of the Tx that you can adjust mid race to turn the steering up or down.

It could be there's another adjustment on your Tx which is stopping you doing what you need.
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Old 12-07-2017
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The 3VCs (and the 3VC) has Dual Rates as well as EPA, make sure your DR is set to 100% too, as this will affect your overall steering throw. I use the DR for adjustments "on the fly" as it's assigned to the top buttons on my 3VC.

Worth a try!

Robin at SWM
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