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Old 23-12-2006
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Question X-5 Gearing for different motors

I am getting an X-5 for Christmas ,planning on building her on Boxing day i was wondring what Spur gear came in the Kit ? 48 pitch or 64 I hope its a 48 ????

I will be powering her with either a Novak 5.5 Brushless
or a Keyence running a 19turn Spec or a 12 Single
I was wondering about gearing for the above i have read the post and printed the Gear chart but it does not make perfect sence to me yet
I normaly use www.Gearchart.com to work out my ratios but there seems to be different pully sizes that can be fitted

If some one could help this would be great as i don't want to build the car then on the first meet have to change the Spur gear after setting up the slipper ect.......

Hope all the above makes sence Thanks in advance a new X-Factory driver

Happy Christmas to you all
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Old 23-12-2006
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The car comes with a 102 tooth 48dp spur. Personally on a 10turn motor indoor I would most likely be on a 16t pinion, 17 outdoors. I add a tooth for every wind, so your looking at say an 18 for that 12 indoors. 19t's and stocks don't work on this formula, and you'll maybe need something less than 24 my formula suggests.

You can get 100, 102, 104, 106 spurs from X Factory.

I've still no experience of brushless so cannot help, I do know they like to be geared down and the 5.5 is a quick one. Defo start with a low pinion and work up. If you're stuggling with the small pinion, the 106 spur might be wise.

You can change both the diff and centre pulley for XX4 ones, though this is NOT necessary. The diff pulleys are perfect, sometimes the xx4 centre pulley can help reduce belt skip but don't think you need it.

Can I suggest you either tap or at least use the Losi tapping screw on the chassis as it will make better threads in the hard graphite that just driving screws straight in.

Also note the first time you run the car the slipper pucks like polish up and so might start slipping through that run. After that they will settle down and last forever, so don't panic. Just reset it for the next run then it should be fine.

I'll be on MSN a bit over xmas so give me a shout or reply on here for any other info.


OH I've just remembered something someone told me recently, with running the Novak speedo it just catches on the speedo and makes the shell sit up a fraction. Apparently if you cut and mount the shell clear, then gently heat the shell in that spot it will form round that corner and sit down perfectly. I suspect you'll need to take the protective film off the shell for this! And I take no responcibility if it balls' up!

Nortech is ACE!
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Old 23-12-2006
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Send a message via MSN to m2d

On the X5 with GTB 5.5 you can run at 15/106 whith standart pulley, with that no problem of thermal cuting, and very good speed.
For placing the GTB on car you can read this post:
Place a GBT on X5
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Old 23-12-2006
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We use 48-P spurs, as Dan said. Changing spurs on the X - 5 is really easy. The most imoportant part of it is that you do not change the belt tension when changing spurs, and belt tension is very important in any single-belt car. So once you get it in the "sweet spot," it stays there so long as you use the same belt and pulleys.

Yes, changing spurs does mean you must re-set the slipper tension, but that's really easy. The slipper assembly is straight out of the Losi buggy, not from the xxx-4. And we usually run the slipper pretty tight. So, before disassembling the shaft, tighten it all the way down and count the turns of the wrench. On re-assembly, tighten it all the way down, back it off, and you'll be very close to what you had before.

To change a spur one needs only remove the four bolts in plain sight that hold the top cover. The shaft pops out from there. One right-hand thread locking nut holds the shaft assembly together just like on the buggy. After you've done it once, changing a spur is about a 3-minute job.

Have fun on Boxing Day. I wish we had Boxing Day...

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Old 23-12-2006
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Thanks All

So reading all of the above i presume i need to put a Mod in not go with the 19turn Spec motor ?????

The only reason i was going to go with the 19 is that my mate at my local club runs a 19turn in his Academy (sorry i had to say Academy i appologise) and yes his Buggy is slower than all of us running brushless and mods but it does not unsettle the buggy as much & he still beats loads of us running bigger motors , and i felt this could be a good thing as i don't want to break her on her maiden run LOL

Our Track is quite small but has big jumps which is where my club nick name came from Trev Big Air Bailey ,,,, With the Novak 5.5 in my XX4 i can get realy big air the commentry team love it gives them somthing to talk about ............

There are some photos on our club website showing the buggy track it has progressed from the online photos but it will give you some idea of our track size jumps ect in Offroad track building and Offroad meeting in the Gallery i think


Above is the link to our club website we are only just starting out with the Buggys and are making a great track , we have a very nice Tarmac track for Electric 1/10th Touring Cars
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