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Old 23-10-2019
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Default Cougar KC - Steering turnbuckle length

Morning all,

Still being fairly new to RC I'm regularly coming across parts of the car that confuse me and on this occasion its the length of the steering turnbuckles.

As per the manual, I've set both left & right turnbuckle lengths to 41.00mm. However on testing, the car veers to the left and I'm having to set the steering trim on the handset to R8 bias just to make it go straight.

Is this normal or do you think I've made an error somewhere else in the build such as the servo horn installation maybe?

Would it just be a case of shortening / lengthening one of the turnbuckles or just staying with the R8 steering trim?


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Old 23-10-2019
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turnbuckles need to be the same length to keep the steering geometry consistent.
As long as you can still meet both steering endstops within the range of operation of the servo and the horn is correctly positioned (once turnbuckles are the same length!) it's not an issue.

If you need a lot of trim (R8 really isn't) you might want to move the servo horn one tooth over.

you should be fine.

(all my cars have some trim or subtrim adjustment.
(usually subtrim when i build the car, then trim if i have an "in race" issue)
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Old 23-10-2019
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It's pretty normal due to the number of splines on the servo, you'll hardly ever get it bang central or whatever angle it requires.

As said above R8 isn't a lot, but I normally do first adjustment like that with subtrim rather than normal steering trim.
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Old 23-10-2019
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you need to make sure your servo horn is 90 degree to servo on what ever trim it needs, then adjust the length of the link between servo and rack to make the wheels straight, using track rods the same length, then fine adjust on track, and set your end points so you get same lock each side
some radios have a sub trim setting which will move the centre trim and keep the end stops the same each side
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