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Old 19-03-2018
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Default Stadium Truck

Ok guys,

I know there was a thread about this a while ago.

Schumacher don't make a Stadium Truck ( oh God do I wish they did )

so I bought an Xray XT2 2018 Spec Truck
What junk, plastics are weak and thread too easy, screws are made of cheese, diff outdrives wear away before your eyes and the parts are waaaayyyyyy to expensive. and don't get me started on the body shell, its so thin the paint is the only thing holding it together and splits as soon as you place it on the car.

Ok, I've not looked at both cars side by side ( at work currently thinking away )
But can you convert a KF2 into a Stadium Truck using the XT2 as a donor, but using as little Xray as we can get away with ?
I'd like to use Schumacher hubs, Caster Blocks etc
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Old 19-03-2018
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I’d sell the truck on and use something like a Team C Hyde for the donor, there’s an old thread within this section where a few people have done this conversion to a KF2. If you message metalmickey0, I believe he my have a Team C short course that he is considering to sell.
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Old 19-03-2018
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It was Adam that posted a while ago about this.

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