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Old 29-06-2016
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Default Skyrc toro TS120A esc

I bought a 2nd hand car with a skyrc toro ts120a blue aluminium case esc. I already have a skyrc prog box which appears to be the compatible one. It will connect but when I attempt to alter settings ie reverse motor direction it wont save the change and the star indicator remains where it was. As it stands my kf buggy wont go forward only backwards. Does anyone have any advise on this please many thanks. Also I have no manual on this esc and when I tried to download from website it downloads the esc for 1s not mine.
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Old 29-06-2016
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Just an idea, you might be able to try the SKylink software.

download from here. Goto Software tab a bit down the screen.


SKYRC USB Link V2.08.rar is what you want.

You might need WINRar to install it, but it's easy. You will also need a USB to micro USB cable.

Plug prog box usb into PC usb and then plug into Toro. Turn car on and then start the software, a number of beebs means it's gonna do it's thing. It will download all settings, adjust and click the button to 'Save to Esc'.

I use the PC link thing with the software above and just find it shows me what's happening a bit better than just the prog box.

Also, make sure the brown wire is on the fan plug side!!!

Progbox manual here


Just tried it as per instructions above and it's connects great. Even updated the firmware on my progbox. I changed my 1st & 2nd Stage punch and it updated to esc.

Might work/might not but worth a go for free.



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