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Old 20-02-2018
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Default PR Front Tie rod turnbuckles

Hi all,

what do you guys run as turnbuckles on the front tie rods?
I have been running the Titanium upgrade ones and they don't seem to like being straightened much, I have given mine a couple of knocks as you do and tried to eeek them back straight but not long after they have failed and snapped.
Does anyone recommend any other turnbuckles or do I purchase some more titanium or standard steel ones??


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Old 20-02-2018
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Get Lunsford titanium turnbuckles.

Don't know if the do a kit for the PR. Sure you can get something close, or they come in pairs.


There's a great guarantee with Lunsford.

From their website:

"All of our titanium turnbuckles are guaranteed against bending or breaking. If you have a bent or broken Lunsford titanium turnbuckle, just place it in a small padded envelope and return it to us for a new replacement turnbuckle. Please remember to include your return address. It's that simple."

I used their guarantee / replacement before. As stated just return it to them. Wasn't asked for receipt etc. A new one was sent out in replacement.

MiCk B. :-)

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Old 21-02-2018
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PR do their own too. the Type R comes with them in the kit
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Old 25-02-2018
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I run the good old steel ones but Lunsford do a set for the PR cars.
Looks great on if you want to run that instead.

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Old 13-06-2018
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I'm in the process of replacing all the Type R titanium turnbuckles with Lunsford ones. Snapped a Type R camber link last week.

The less said about the (made of edam) steel turnbuckles the better.
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