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Originally Posted by Buggyman View Post
Your spoiling the fun here mate. You know that don't you.....lol
Part of the fun is driving something you know is compromised 😂
Love driving rear motor, but I'm also aware that I'm faster with my 6.2 everywhere.
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think the 3 or 4 gear was all about motor rotation on and off the power to generate grip. Bit like when you watch a dragster leave the line and twist with the motor rotation.

I think the fun part about rear motor cars is the calm predictive chilled driving style. I find them easier to drive on the limits compared to modern stuff and although not as fast just rewarding
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Before they went EOS and used the slippy floor I got my XX into the a final against the modern cars. Nowhere near as fast on EOS tho
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And there you have it.....carpet tracks, the ruination of fun driving..!.😉
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Being running my rc10 worlds rerelease with 13.5 at a1 racing, itc ould hold off the B6,2 on most of the corners except a downhill hairpin it would roll unless I braked. The shocks are leaking air.

I am Thinking of putting a old 7.5t in it to see what happens.

Note a1 racing is low grip astro.

Just need new o-rings to seal the shocks up and it should be good to go.
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