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Old 12-11-2018
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Default How to use Chrome paint...

My lad has his body shell neon green with orange "drips" done with a vinyl mask.
I'd like to do something to make the drips a bit more interesting, and was wondering about trying to shadow them with chrome or something.
This is purely for my own entertainment.. he's quite happy with his shell as it is.
So my questions are... Has anyone got any better ideas?! And failing that, how does one use Chrome?
What happens if I back Chrome with neon green?
And what would I do if I wanted proper Chrome? Do I just use Chrome backed with white?
Thank you
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Old 13-11-2018
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I'm no expert by any means but i tend to use the faskrome chrome paint to back other colours to stop colour bleed. So colour then white then chrome. you can then safely put a darker colour over it and you get no bleed.

But if you back a translucent colour with chrome, you get the chrome metallic look coming through the paint. So colour, then chrome makes a metallic version of the colour.

Thinking of your lads shells, the drips are orange, on the green shell. you could use a light orange, then shade the drips with a darker orange to give more depth/detail. you could then back with white then chrome, then go with the florescent green then shade a shadow of the drips in the green, with darker green.

I'm no expert, and maybe the order is to lay the green first, but hopefully some other far better painter than me may be able to advise.

Try post your current shell design so people can see what you are working with. I assume you will want to use the drip masks you've used previously?

re: masks, i could try cutting you some with a pre-cut outline if you like? you could then outline drips in chrome?
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Old 13-11-2018
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Hi, for a true chrome look you need to use a solvent based paint. I use the chrome paint from Rcs graphic worx. Works best when painting a shell from the inside. Spray on the chrome, couple of light coats then back with black I use Createx black. Hope that helps. 😎. Yes

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