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Old 05-12-2018
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Default Gimbals on RC cars?

Anyone here have experience with the Freefly Tero? (Not linking here to it, no affiliation)? It is a 5th-scale RC car topped with a 3 axis gimbal that carries a camera. It can move very fast, fast enough to pace and record a bicyclist, a sprinter, or a slow-moving car. The camera movement can be controlled remotely with a controller separate from the car's controller.

I'm not seeing many videos with shots that are obviously from a similar type vehicle, or with similar low-angle, fast-moving shots (not taken from a regular car with a camera rig on it). I'm not even seeing much in the way of videos showcasing the capabilities of the Tero, and I'm wondering why, as it seems like a cool thing.

So, I'm asking you guys... have you seen one in action? Rented one? Bought one? Shot a video with one (please share!).

If you aren't coveting one, why not? Price ($5k)? Functionality? Not interested in the type of low-angle movement?

Enquiring minds want to know.
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