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Old 02-04-2019
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Default Air Brushes

Whats a good airbrush to go for just starting out
What size needle etc

Many thanks
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Old 03-04-2019
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Lots of information further down this section...e.g.Default
Originally Posted by julianb View Post
Have a look at the Iwata Eclipse HP-SBS. 0.35mm. A little better quality than the Neo, and very versatile.
I was told to stay away from Neo's as their quality was on a par with the cheaper chinese brushes, and you can't get all the replacement parts, and the seals don't last.

I went for an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS and I must say its awesome. Everything I need.

I can recommend this shop:

Edit: I also got a 0.5 needle, nozzle and cap "upgrade" for mine cheaply from Graphicair , as I was talking to some other painters and said that i should try 0.5 due to the problems I was experiencing with coverage and paint, being very unskilled at using any airbrush.
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Old 04-04-2019
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I tried a few cheap airbrushes and they were ok-ish, but then treated myself to an Iwata brush with 0.35 needle. Beautiful to use but needed the paint to be pretty thin. I converted the needle to a 0.5 and it is now perfect. I am not a professional, just an enthusiastic amateur so I’m sure that using a 0.35mm might give finer results for pros, but for ease of use, I’d go 0.5mm every time.
I have an Iwata Revolution as well as an eclipse (I think?), both with 0.5mm. Love both of them!
I've got Araldite and a Swiss Army Knife - what more do I need?

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