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Old 03-04-2009
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Default One Leccy 8th Bit that has been a long time coming...

A company in America (RC-Monster, where I got most of my 8th Leccy bits from - and have excellent custom parts for the conversion), have just come up with the one part that we have all been waiting for...

...The Slipperential

It replaces the centre differential, and acts as a centre diff - like normal. So, you ask, what's so special about it? Well, it's also a slipper clutch!

Price is £85 + about £15 postage to the UK...

Link : http://www.rc-monster.com/proddetail...rential&cat=41 .

They also do some nice RC8 conversions, and lots of different bits and pieces to get your 8th Leccy running. They also have an excellent forum if you want to know anything about set-ups, and different motor/speedo experiences.

Jeez, you would have thought that I work for RC-Monster given that stuff above .
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