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Old 14-05-2009
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Default Mounting electrics

Hi, iv got an electric RC8 on the way and a Monster mamba with neu 2650kv to go in it Was just wondering how people have been mounting their speedos? Like is just one layer of servo tape ok or is a more shock proof mounting preffered? But at the same time id rather not see the esc hangin out the side of the shell when it falls out LOL

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Old 14-05-2009
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I use velcro tape, and then if possible a cable tie around the ESC. This serves two purposes:
  1. It helps keep the ESC on the mount
  2. It holds the case together, as the MMM case is not screwed together, they have been known to come apart.
That's about it really. Though I have only been running velcro tape recently as on the Hyper 9E there is no way to fit a cable tie, and it hasn't fallen out yet (done 2 race meetings with it like this). Touch Wood!

I would really recommend the velcro tape that Ripmax sell, it comes in very wide strips and has excellent adhesive.
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