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Old 12-01-2013
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Default 11th Jan

Really good nights racing last night. Finally felt like the car was much more sorted.Finally no diff issues and the handling wasn't bad either. Must be a couple of months since i last couod say that. Funny how when things are going better you enjoy it so much more. Having said that, Ihad a bit of a nightmare in the final, got tangled up far too many times and never really got a long run of clean laps.

Ben had fun too, he was driving great at times. He just needs a completely empty track and he is fine. As soon as he gets near other cars its like he his is magnetised to them. He hasn't learned the wait until an opportune moment to pass skill yet. As for his final, his nemesis beat him again (heather)! Might have to consider sabotage for future events

Interesting to see foams were running on a few more cars and seemed pretty sucessful.
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