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Old 16-02-2013
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Default 15th fridays FUN night

Enjoyed running all my different buggys last night. The track was good tight and technical nice one AndyLay out of the pitting and race control worked really well.
Just one thing that I noticed and I don't know if it was just the fact I was racing buggys that I was paying a bit more attention to the racing but considering it suppose to be a FUN night there seemed to be alot of kicking off and shouting on the rostrum a bit unnecessary in my opinion especially when there is a lot off children around ..Not a good example to set for them!
Also noticed some really really bad driving by some of the top heats drivers you know who you are! I know the track was a new layout and was very tight to overtake but you should sit behind someone till you can overtake cleanly not just drive through them. I personally lost a couple of seconds a lap sitting behind slower cars in the final but at least I can say I overtook cleanly and did it in styleSo come on lads Friday nights are for a bit of fun lets not make a bad atmosphere
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Old 17-02-2013
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Cheers Martin, but I just fine tuned it - it's one of Dan Critchley's tracks.
Nice one Dan

Agree with your comments on Etiquette
Andy Ridley
RVRCCC Track Man

Losi 22 4.0, 22, XXCR, Losi 8 2.0EU, Tamiya F103GT &
Mardave V12 (stock, brushless & Caterham)
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Old 20-02-2013
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I have to admit I heard some rather choice language and saw some pretty horrendous track jumping and general driving - yes we all get the red mist down, and yes we are not all great at getting past others cleanly - but I think shouting sorry if you do cock it up goes a long way. If I hit someone I apologise - its not difficult and stops half the frustration we feel when we get hit - in turn stopping half the arguements! Theres some quick drivers that are poor at overtaking, but more importantly poor at apologising if they hit you or get it wrong - and as you say - its supposed to be fun!
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