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Old 08-12-2008
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Default Any experience with Team Atlas or Square racing parts?

Hey, just curious....
Wondering if anyone here has in the past, or is currently running any parts from "Team Atlas" or from "Square R/C Sustain".
Both are Japanese based companies, but I don't know much about them yet....
Square seems to be on the very high end, where Team Atlas appears to have some nice stuff, but also some more budget oriented components (most cheaper than Tamiya "hop-up" parts).

Anyway, I just picked up a Team Atlas mod motor for the TamTech. I have no clue about it, just picked it up mostly as an experiment to see if it's fast.... and also I couldn't find one of those Graubner Speed 300's at the time.
(I have a mamba 6.8 waiting, but want to progress to that stage first).

Also picked up a nicely cnc'ed hub carrier from Square. Very high quality. Pretty high price. They had other parts for GB01 too, but I couldn't afford all of them yet.

Well, please post up if you've got any info, or even just comments, I'd be interested to hear.
And, later down the line once I get them installed and use them I can try to post my thouhts as well.
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Old 30-01-2010
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I didn't have any experience with their spare parts but had with their servicing. Once I visited their servicing center. Their treatment towards customers is very good and one can expect the same in the products also. I think their products also very good.
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Old 30-01-2010
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I have the Atlas steel diff halves on my Hornet and I am going to get them for the Hotshot aswell. They seem great, fit perfectly and will be much tougher than either the plastic or aluminum diffs that Tamiya offer. The ebay seller got them over to me really quickly aswell, I am certainly glad I got them.
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