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Old 26-11-2012
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Default Newbie questions!


I started to get into racing about three years ago at DMS - sadly new baby & unpredictable working hours scuppered my evenings so I've had to give it a miss for a while. I'm now looking to get back out there on the weekends if possible, so I nipped round to your tracks yesterday to have a look - I was the guy wandering around with the toddler! Anyway, got a few questions...

Currently I've got a 4wd 1/10 electric buggy (Associated B44) - do you just run the 1/10s during the electric winter series - and is 4wd OK? I can't make the 23 Dec one, but three rounds next year should be doable.

I understand the normal races are 1/8 - is it nitro only, or do you mix electrics in as well? I'm very tempted by a 1/8 electric buggy, so if I can race that at the track then great. I don't really have anywhere at home to fiddle with nitro so that's out.

I'm 2.4Ghz so no frequency issues, and I believe I have a Mylaps Harry transponder - is that compatible with your timing system, or will I need to borrow a hand-out?

As you can tell, I'm no expert - I'm definitely in the lower end of the skill spectrum, but I'll definitely be popping by the track on non-race days to get back in the swing of things - once I've renewed my BRCA subs anyway!

Sorry for all the questions - I did speak to a couple of chaps in the pits who were very helpful, but my girl was in a funny mood so I couldn't stick around and get more info!

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Old 26-11-2012
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Hi there

Not a problem asking questions, we're here to help I think i saw you on Sunday but i was stuck in race control most of the day.

Currently the winter series are the only races being held by the electric section on a Sunday on the dates listed, so as you say, just the 4 left now. you're welcome to run any 10th scale car you like at our events, we'll find a race for you to run in As you probably saw on Sunday we were low on 4wd so we mixed them into the 2wd class just for the day. The Mylaps transponder will be fine on our system, i run one myself.

Whilst we only have the electric winter races once a month, the track is always open for practise and you can feel free to move the blue hosing around if you want to make the track a little more interesting. all we'd ask is you put it back when you're done so the larger cars don't damage it If you join as a member it's £5 to practice for the day and if i remember correctly, electric membership is ~£18 and full membership to include nitro is ~£35. i would say its probably worth join in January though so you get the full length, although if you ask in the shop, they might extend it to include this year too

From April time onward we'll be running Tuesday nights again and we'll have 2 of the Mid south regionals aswell hopefully.

Regarding Nitro, I think there are a couple of guys running the electric cars at the nitro events and again, they are just mixed into the main class as there doesn't seem to be enough support for that class to merit a heat of its own.

I hope that helps and if i've not covered anything for you, please let me know. any more questions feel free to ask here or you can PM me too.


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