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Old 03-11-2014
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Default 2.4ghz Interference 01/11/14

Hi All.

Just checking that this was only for me on Saturday as I was running a new radio that kept going awol. I was racing in the buggy heats (green 1/14 scale). I noticed other people were running the same radio (Absima CR3P) and was a little confused as it was on the same place (corner in front of rostrum) where the interference was happening.

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Old 05-11-2014
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Quite a few generic radios are used in that heat. Similar electronics to the Absima you have. That's probably why.

I would recommend sticking to Futaba/Sanwa/KO/HiTec to avoid the interference issues.
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Old 13-04-2015
cunawarit cunawarit is offline
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The Absima CR3P is made by FlySky, it is basically a modified FlySky GT3B/GT3C.

There are a TONNE of issues with FlySky and interference. They have been known to interfere with one another and with other radios too, specially when running on 8 batteries like the GT3B. And when running on 4 batteries they suffer from glitching themselves.

I've done a test with a FlySky GT3B and a RadioLink RC3S and when close to one another the GT3B will cause the RadioLink to glitch like hell. This is reduced if the RadioLink is run on 3S rather that 2S though.

There are numerous reports of FlySky's causing interference and they have been banned on many tracks, eg:


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Old 08-05-2015
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Hmm, my Futaba 3GR has had interference issues if I'm unlucky enough to share space on the rostrum with someone running another early 3GR or 3PK.
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