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Old 05-07-2014
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Default Setup DEX210 for TORCH

I found James Kerr's setup for the 210 at TORCH decided it would be good starting point as I know very little about setup as you will tell from my first question...

He says to use 3 hole piston 1.6 on the front and 4 hole 1.6 on the rear, the kit seems to comes with 8 x 6 hole pistons and 4 that have no holes. I think one of the guys down at the track mentioned drilling your own holes don't think I really want to get involved with that so can anybody recommend where to buy these? They don't seem to sell them on the Durango site and a Google search doesn't seem to bring up much.

And what does the 1.6 mean?

Cheers guys!!
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Old 05-07-2014
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hey dean , you'd need to drill them out using a 1.6mm drill bit

..regards shaun
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Old 06-07-2014
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I used this setup when I first started a few months back, was very good! MB Models do shock piston sets, I think you'll need the Type B ones.
Team Durango DEX210

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Old 20-07-2014
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Cheers guy, just invested in a pin vice!!
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