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Originally Posted by caneye View Post
yup .. a real benefit of the Hotwire (currently unrivalled by any other competitor) is the ability to download new RS software when Tekin releases it (1st by downloading on to your notebook) onto Appvalley your RS. this means new functions, customisations, etc .. it's like a firmware App update, but doing it yourself.

but the ONE big thing i like about my RS is that it allows you to start and complete a race even with a faulty or missing sensor lead! it switches to the hybrid mode. woooo ...

friend of mine had a 5.5 and 6.5 BL motor that couldn't run on either his GTB or Sphere. they were as good as paperweights, really.
tried them in the RS and they were as good as new.
Yup, I have 5.5 motor, It's working nicely.
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