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  1. Body Paint
    Body Paint
    Had an awesome winter with the micros, it's so much fun.

    Now you need to learn how to jump, theres's nothing wrong with the car, just your throttle control LOL.

    We're off to Ledbury this Sunday if you fancy a little road trip
  2. cjm_2008
    yeah, i'm racing at cobra - it was superb on sunday, apart from an annoying concrete 'mump' right on the racing line on one of the straights. with lipos in the b44, i think the COG wasn't right, as the car would nosedive after takeoff

    apart from that, I really enjoyed it... I think I got bored with 2 dimensional tracks after a while.

    I'm currently living with the missus, in a place called abertridwr, just outside caerphilly... it was cheap!

    I noticed that you're kicking ass with the micro buggies - nice. I've been maintaining 'the bug' by setting up a primafelt carpet track in my loft for my mini-z's. very entertaining.

    on the off chance, I don't suppose you know of anyone selling a personal transponder?
  3. Body Paint
    Body Paint
    Tamiya King!!! LOL, Good job dude.

    You still in Cardiff? I here the track in the heath has been improved a bit this year.
  4. cjm_2008
    i'm back in mate, with a b44 this time round - no more tamiyas for me

    <the other craig who always uses black bodyshells!>

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