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  1. Southwell
    Yeah, i know. Had a load of stuff i had to do at home and couldn't put them off another week. Was the weather good? It rained a lot of the morning/afternoon here.
  2. raaccyyyyy lllaaddyyyy
    tut tut........lol.
  3. Southwell
    I might do one day when ive got some spare cash. Decided last night as well as doing the kitchen we are replacing the fridge, freezer, cooker and adding a dishwasher. The other half wants some 135 taps for the sink!!!! Ho hum.
  4. raaccyyyyy lllaaddyyyy
    Martin says he's not got any stock left of Motorbikers left apart from Walker, is waiting to do more....he can do you a Foggy one if you've got a pic you like.
  5. Southwell
    Anything over 50 miles is far to me! haha
  6. raaccyyyyy lllaaddyyyy
    Ah it's not that far!!!..i'll pack extra cake!!
  7. Southwell
    I recon so. Im planning on doing all South East meetings!
    Vroom vroom!
  8. raaccyyyyy lllaaddyyyy
    Are you gonna make it to Faversham on 17th for 4wd? in the new car!! lol.
  9. Southwell
    Yeah lol. I went out for lunch on Saturday and got some dodgy food!
  10. raaccyyyyy lllaaddyyyy
    Oi sick note...you feeling better?

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