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  1. vinny20
    so u wanna blow urself up then go for it lee just where a big rain coat so that no one can see what ur hiding
  2. Lee
    Hey V-mag,

    Is glyn taking your stuff to the euros?
    I'm taking mine on a plane, im going to strap my lipos to my back pack because they wont fit in the bag on their own and im going to take a small 12v battery and charge them in the bag at the airport, do you think this will be ok? I hope i can walk round and still have them on charge as i don't want to be stuck in one place. Do you think they would let me wear the backpack on the plane if i strapped the lipos to the front of the straps so everone can see or do you think it would be better to hide them up my jumper and tape them to my chest?

    See you there dude!
  3. vinny20
    i really would want a sponsership but i thought u need really good results
  4. vinny20
    no im getting ready for the 09 season now

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