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  1. Body Paint
    Body Paint
    Got some questions about Tallywain answered this week by the boy Mills.

    Track is marked out with blue hosing, not sure on the thickness

    We will run clock wise for 2wd and anti clockwise for 4wd

    Rostrum is 7ft tall

    Transmitter compound will be the usual bread baskets.

    Post code is on the clubs website and also on the forum.

    There are plenty of places to eat in the area.

    Not sure on a pub.

    Grass will be cut 3 more times before the national and the groundkeeper has been told to cut it putting green short for the event.

    Gates open at 12pm Friday.

    Generators off at 11

    Nitro track is open for any one wanting a play.

    Electric is there for race control

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