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  1. JamieStewart
    Hi David - I remember you well - I did wonder if it may be you hence me pinging - hope all is well - I’ve just gone back to racing a year ago up in Newcastle where I live - running a Tamiya TRF501x as I wasn’t keen on the Cat K2 - you still racing? Did you stay in touch with Brian Sharpe at all?
  2. racingdwarf
    Hi Jamie
    I remember you, you raced at east Grinstead offroaders, I think it was through you I ended up driving one if I remember correctly your dad drove a dark blue Volvo at the time. I at that point was very involved in running EGOR but also raced a lot at EPO. My name is David Evans if that rings a bell I was quite good back then.
  3. JamieStewart
    Did you know a guy Bryan Sharpe who used to also race Tomy with me?
  4. JamieStewart
    When did you race for Tomy - I used to south of London and I used to help design parts and had a direct line to Tanaka SAN in Tokyo who’s pet project it was - then I left for uni and packed it up and have only just gotten back into it now (20 yrs later) with a Tamiya TRF501X (mainly as I could not find a Tomy - I sold a load of works stuff to pay bills at uni ��)

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