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  1. SiTrace
    Hi Dan,

    My new 210 is built, will be at worms/yatton/caldicott in the new year!! 210 is def an improvment over the B3!!

    Just waiting a few xmas presents before I am ready to race!!

    Will see you soon!
  2. Danosborne6661
    Hello Si, I've only just seen your reply to my message as you posted it on your own wall! I know exactly who you are now you mention the Team B3 because that was mine White/Green/Black dark paint job? You still looking at getting back into the hobby? I've not seen you at track so would be good to hear from you
  3. Danosborne6661
    Hello Si! I might recognize you once I see you I suppose Yes the Paynters have recently joined the hobby again after taking time out like yourself! The outdoor track is quite new to us and under development this second, if you want to come down and see some racing though we're racing at Hutton village hall next Tuesday if you fancy it! Worth a look www.worm-racing.co.uk for a few more details
  4. SiTrace
    Hi Dan, you prob don't remmeber me, you were probaly only about 10 YO's last time I saw you! I used to race at WORMS about 10 years ago, your dad Si still race. I'm Thinking about getting back into racing. Are any of the old gang still racing? I see the Paynters are still going!!

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