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  1. RobW
    Hi John, I have not been to Torch for about 9 months now as given up off road so not sure what is popular. I would suggest asking Steve B but given he is Schumacher driver I am pretty sure I know what he will say!
  2. johnabbs
    Hi Rob;wat 2wd are people using currently and speedo etc regards John Abbott.
  3. RobW
    Hi John
    Good to hear from you again.
    I am literally just going away for a few days in about 10 mins, back on friday. Probably be more helpful then.
    To be honest it is all the same brands a year ago. Currently durango 210s are very cheap as a replacement car is on its way, less than 100. New losi 22 on its way soon, looks like it might be good. For 4wd, Xray is probably favourite at moment and has benefit that can also run as a 2wd.
    Hopefully see you at track soon
  4. johnabbs
    hi rob,hows things,i am returning to electric for the winter,could u please point me in right direction about wat to buy etc,many thanks john abbott

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