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  1. 'caster master
    'caster master
    That's very interesting! I do have a caster sk10 although it handles well, I'm not racing it much at the moment (mainly 1:8th and 1:10th 2wd). It has been upgraded a lot and it has gear diffs and lots of alloy parts from the pro kit. My dad and I did something similar to that with the 2wd a few years ago and made a mid motor Tamiya 2wd, with the front end of a Desert Gator and the rear end of a Dirt Thrasher, I raced it outdoors and dirt and it was actually fairly competitive. Let us know how you get on with the car and could you send us some pictures of your 2wd? Thanks, Jon and Trev!
  2. Collegeboy
    Hi Caster Master,

    Going by your name are you another Caster driver like myself. I have run my Caster for the last 2 yrs and updated it to the V2 spec. I also have made a 2wd version based on the pro chassis and complete back end. I then milled down the chassis and stitched a madrat front end on. I've called it a Raster and for it's 1st outing at Area 51 this weekend, it went really well and I was able to place it higher than the more commercially available cars and was clearly competive all day. I managed to qualify 9th on the grid and finished 4th.

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