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Old 09-01-2022
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Default Specs for rear wheel mount interface

I don't own a 1/12th scale car but am looking for exact specs for the rear wheel 3-bolt mount interface for these 1/12th scale cars (e.g. Eclipse3). I know there's another variant with a 12mm hex (which usually does not have a rear diff I think), but I'm looking for info about the older 3-bolt style wheel mount system.

In particular, the bolt circle diameter (BCD). I think it's 16mm but am not sure. I analyzed the diagram in one of the instruction manuals and came up with 16mm diameter and change.

Also the "offset". From the mount surface plane, what is the distance that the rear wheel "sticks out" by.

Lastly, the center hole diameter. Does the hole in the rear wheel sit snugly and if so what diameter (I would expect around 10.5mm).

I am designing 12th scale drive trains and am having a difficult time finding info on this on the internet.

Also helpful would be information about the front wheel offsets etc. I think rear diameter for tire is approx. 46mm and front is approx 44mm.

In case you are curious here is a video showing some of my work.
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