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Old 10-02-2009
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Default MEGA Motor Sale All Brand New!!!

Got a hell of a lot of motors to sale and all are BRAND NEW unless stated other wise.

1) Team Checkpoint 7x1 £40 inc p&p
2) Team Checkpoint 9x2 £40 inc p&p
3) Team Checkpoint 9x1 x2 £40 each inc p&p
4) Team Checkpoint 11x2 £40 inc p&p
5) Team Checkpoint 8x1 x2 both used for 1 heat each £35
6) Team Checkpoint 7x1 used for 2 laps only £30 inc p&p
7) LRP Fusion phace5 12x1 £35 inc p&p
8) Peak Vantage 9x1 £30 inc p&p
9) Orion Marc Rheinard Worlds Edition 10x1 £35 inc p&p
10) Orion Marc Rheinard Worlds Edition 7x1 £35 inc p&p
11) Orion Marc Rheinard Worlds Edition 8x1 used for 2 heats only £25 inc p&p
12) Reedy TI 12x2 £30 inc p&p
13) Reedy PT 12x2 £30 inc p&p
14) Reedy KR 12x1 x2 £35 each inc p&p
15) Reedy KR 11x2 used for 2 rounds £25 inc p&p
16) Reedy PT 11x2 used for 5 mins £25 inc p&p

paypal PM me if intrested!!


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